handgeweven, mooi verpakt en snelle levering, hamamdoek van mooisenmeer

A passion for craftsmanship.

Our clients are our reflections. They appreciate real quality. 

We just do what we love, which is simplicity, quality and purity.

We generally don't follow trends. 

Our design and finding treasures is that of simplicity and timelessness.

We bring together home products created with care and craftsmanship using materials that stand the test of time. We believe that our lives are better enriched with possessions and objects that get better with time and add to our life stories.

Hope you are able to visit us in beautiful historic town Middelburg, Sint Janstraat 8 4331 KC Middelburg The Netherlands.

However, here we are, online.... enjoy.



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  • Cargo Denim Selvedge Werkmansbroek
    Cargo Denim Selvedge Werkmansbroek
  • Overshirt Angus Brown Melee
    Overshirt Angus Brown Melee
  • Hand Balm Anis Patchouli
    Hand Balm Anis Patchouli
  • Box Aandacht
    Box Aandacht
  • Box Geven
    Box Geven
  • Tuinbroek Mirta
    Tuinbroek Mirta
    € 179,95 € 89,97
  • PLANT Travel Set
    PLANT Travel Set
  • Linnen Kussenhoes Forest Green
    Linnen Kussenhoes Forest Green
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